When you rent a desk or office you can use almost all services for free. You can think about:

Fresh bean coffee and tea

In the common kitchen there is a  Jura coffeemachine which makes delicious expresso's and black coffee. Do you rather enjoy a firm milk head? Than the is a good milk header which makes good cappuccino's. For drinkers of tea there are different tea flavors to choose. 

Use of printer

The printer can be use for daily use. Are you planning to print large mailings? Please contact us. The printer can print, scan and copy. 

In height adjustable desks and office chairs

EA good workingposition is very important. Therefore we offer desks that are adjustable in height and even some desks are suitable to work standing. The office chairs are from high quility, in height adjustable from the brand Axia.  


The kitchen and batch rooms are for common use. We would like everyone to place there dish wash in the dishwasher. Will you take along your own food or drinks? You can place these in our Smeg refrigirator.  

Cleaning service

Every week our location will cleaned thoroughly by our cleaner. Outside the rugulare office hours she will make sure everyone can work safely in an clean environment, which is important in these times. Besides this we advise you to clean your desks yourself with the more than available desinfection materials.  

Camera security

For the safety of our renters we have placed camera's on strategic places which are connected to our camera system. The footage will be stored. In case something happens we can always see what has happend.  

Accescontrol system

The location is equiped with an high end acces control system, in which every renter has its own personal code or app. It is always clear who and when someone has been to our location.

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