JOIN ME flex office Amsterdam Noord 

In our stylishly furnished business center in Amsterdam Noord, we offer flexible workplaces, fixed workplaces, office spaces and meeting rooms.

Amsterdam Noord region

Amsterdam North is an area that is in full development and the municipality has expressed the ambition to realize 5000 new homes in the coming years. A flexible office concept where freelancers and companies can rent a desk or office space (even per day, week or month) fits well within this urban development in Amsterdam North.

The business center en it's concept

The way of working is changing fast. Companies recognize that it is not always to their advantage to have employees work full days in the office. The company will have to facilitate its own large office building and employees often have to travel a lot. JOIN ME can be an excellent solution for this, especially because of the very flexible conditions. In addition, a desk or office space can be arranged online within 5 minutes. So you can rent a desk a day in advance, fully furnished and fully equipped ( coffee, tea, printer, WIFI, lounge, kitchen and roof terrace).


JOIN ME flex office Amsterdam Noord
Disketteweg 14
1033 NW Amsterdam

Phone +31 (0)85-0477535 (available from monday friday from 08.00 - 17.00 hours) 

Chambre of commerce : 76513661

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That we also offer storage space in our location in Amsterdam? For more information have a look on 

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